5 Tips to Make Sure Your First Kiss Isn’t Ruined

05 Dec , 2016 Category: Blog
how to kiss

As one of the most popular Liverpool escorts, I often get asked by my clients ‘how to kiss a woman in a manner that stimulates her and makes you come across as smooth. And I am pretty happy to answer them.

Let me tell you, kissing is pretty important in terms developing your bonding. And a great kiss may leave your girl feeling weak in the knees, whereas a bad kiss can put a full stop on your slowly progressing relationship.

The 1st kiss is a particularly vital moment if you’re just started dating a girl. Follow these easy tips that I’ve compiled for you guys!

Always ensure to freshen up?

Bad breath can be horrible when it comes to kissing. It is in fact the best way to spoil a great first kiss. Be kind to your kissing partner and hop the garlic bread during dinner. Refresh your breath with gum or mints before the real kissing adventure begin.

Try to read your girl’s body language:

Is she leaning towards you? Is she touching your hands frequently? What does her eyes tells? Is she maintaining an eye contact with you? These are very positive signs that your kiss will be responded.

Keep in mind, when it is about the ideal kiss, timing matters the most. So, don’t hurry yourself! You wish it to be as organic as probable.

Start things slowly:

Kissing is not a marathon, so start things slowly. Go for the kiss and as you feel your girl’s lips press into yours, then pull away rather slowly. If she is relishing it, she will lean back and a passionate rhythm will proceed.

Make use of your hands:

Utilize your hands to enclose the kiss. Hold the side of your girl’s face, smoothly sweeping her silky hair at the back of her ear. Allow one hand gently touch the backside of her neck while you persist kissing her ardently.

Is your girl kissing back you with just as much passion? If yes, then you are on the right track.

Have control on your tongue?

Remember, a perfect kiss can be spoiled if you can’t control your tongue. One vital kissing rule you shouldn’t forget is kiss must be balanced, while both your tongues involved equally.

Explore her tongue gently with yours; give her adequate time to accomplish the same. Our tongues are filled with hundreds of nerve endings, so don’t be astounded if she trembles with sheer pleasure.

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