Popular Manchester Events to Check Out Under the Arm of an Escort

16 Nov , 2016 Category: Blog
Manchester Irish Festival

Initially Manchester was a small town in the district of Lancashire, situated in the Northern-Western division of England. The growth & development of the town throughout the Industrial Revolution is a direct upshot of the city’s perfect location and suitable connections with rest of the province. Consequently, Manchester soon developed from an undersized town into one of the premier municipal cities of the UK. Manchester events as well as the opulent history behind the metropolitan have made it a preferred vacation destination for people all over the world. Manchester was also listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2011.

One main event that further changed the whole complexion of Manchester was the hosting of the XVII Commonwealth Games. Indeed, this brought a restoration and rebirth of the metropolis. A classic instance is the ‘Manchester Arndale’ which stands on the same location that was earlier home to old & destroyed buildings. Another premier construction is the ‘Beetham Tower’ which is an admired milestone of the city renowned for its reputation as the highest uptown accommodation construction in the UK.

When it comes to events Manchester seems to be the best than any other city in the world. Everybody has their own interest and preference and events in Manchester have got something for people of every taste. Because of its multi-cultural diversity Manchester events are as varied as its residences. Let’s talk about some of the major events in Manchester:

National Winter Ales Festival – Takes places at “The Venue” from 19th Jan to 22nd Jan every year this carnival brings travelers over 300 varieties of local British & overseas beers, ciders and ales. It is an excellent beer tasting festival and offers you a fine chance to savor a range of drinks placed on display.

Manchester Irish Festival – Held during the month of March every year, Manchester Irish Festival is a 2-week carnival making the renowned popular Irish St Patrick’s day. Here you can find so many Irish musicians, dancers, and traders coming together to display their skills and put on display Irish stuff.

Chinese New Year – This special event happens during January & February in Albert Square and Chinatown in Manchester. Here you can find different stalls that are exhibiting and selling Chinese stuff. A must-watch is the dragon march, which is the best attraction of the festival, with the live-performance bringing the carnival to existence.

Euro cultured Street Festival – This is a string of Manchester carnivals which occur around late May every year. It’s a gala of all the diverse European customs coming together as one, where everybody is inspired to dance, sing and perform.

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