Top 6 Foreplay Positions to Try When You’ve the Luxury of a Manchester Escort

07 Nov , 2016 Category: Blog

So you are searching over the internet “how to give the best shot to please your lady partner”! Well, I can help for sure! As a professional Manchester escort, I better know what women expect from their male partners. I am here actually to guide you about a few sex positions that won’t disappoint your partner in the bed. Believe me it works and works wonder to reach the climax. So, guys below are few positions that you should give a try.

Reverse Cowgirl:

In this type of position, the male is either lying down or in a sitting position, and the woman bestrides him backwards – facing his feet rather than his face. It is a crucial position that enables simple clitoral access. Due to the effortless access to clitoris, this foreplay posture is most liable to help an orgasm.

Doggie Style:

This is an excellent position for a woman since it enables her to enjoy most favorable control. She’s able to fine-tune her variety of motions for a position that feels best. With this position, you can easily arouse her G-spot and have the ultimate pleasure.


If your woman does not like deep penetration, spooning is a great choice. It focuses on arousal of the front part of the rectum or vagina, which is where a majority of nerves are placed inside the genitals. Spooning is delightful since it develops a firmer fit in the rectum and vagina, so if a lady is seeking more arousal from her partner’s penis or fingers …just spoon away!


This is yet another excellent posture for clitoral arousal. As your bodies are not squished against each other in this position, either you or your partner can come down to stroke her clitoris, what a majority of women require to feel the “Big O”.

Ankles Up:

When you are on top of someone, you cannot always accomplish full arousal, which is why tuning her leg postures enables for deeper touch. You need to place her ankles on your shoulders. It permits you to go deep inside her and hit the G-spot. The same penetration can be accomplished also by putting her feet over your chest.


This is a straight-forward woman-on-top posture where she has to kneel on the bed, straddling you. It is the most favorable way for her to acquire full-control over penetration and when you both reach the climax since she can speed up or slow down, grind & thrust at her own tempo. Even females who don’t essentially wish to be in full-control in the bed might relish if their men grips their hips or arms and assist guide their movements.

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