Wigan escorts have a new big attraction

30 Aug , 2021 Category: Blog

Escorts in Wigan have a high level of notoriety to rival the famous Wigan Pier that was immortalised by the famous entertainer George Formby who used to perform in the local music halls and often poke fun at the wooden Wharfe that was used to load coal onto the barges, this gave Wigan Pier a certain amount of fame and when George Orwell came to research his novel in nineteen thirty seven he was bitterly disappointed that it had been demolished with the site where it had been one barely discernible. Alas he made the town and its former coal depot and loading dock even more famous by publishing his novel The Road to Wigan Pier praising the people of the area noting the awful conditions they lived and worked in endearing the town to many. Things have changed in the town as Wigan has changed beyond recognition from the town graphically depicted in the book. This hard working community have always know how to enjoy themselves and try and forget the rigours of a hard working existence, now they have the incomparable ladies from our Wigan escort agency to help them. Perhaps gone are the days of the Northern Soul Wigan all nighters but there is still plenty entertainment and music venues in this revamped town that the Wigan escorts would be more than willing to help you discover and exploit.

Let the Wigan escorts show you round

The town has built up a cult tourist industry and many come to walk the canal and visit the redeveloped Wigan Pier, part of which has a museum paying homage to its illustrious industrial past. No adventure discovering Wigan’s heritage would be complete without the enlightening companionship of one of the vivacious zesty escort in Wigan who would make even the dullest excursion into the past a thrilling day to remember. Wigan escorts have a reputation for their friendliness and make any visitor feel at home as well as privileged to be in there company as these admirable and charismatic ladies have a certain style and je ne sais quoi. In reality their sole purpose is to make sure that there new partner in crime feels on top of the world enjoying everything on offer in the town including all the new features and facilities the revamped Wigan pier has to offer.

An unforgettable night out with escorts in Wigan

During the day Wigan does not always give the impression it is a happening town at night, but looks can be deceptive as the town does spring into life, especially at weekend and at the heart of all the fun and joviality you will find a vibrant Wigan escort leading the way. These bodacious ladies also have style pizzazz and a certain amount of sassiness about them and are only too willing to lead you to King Street the hub and nerve centre of the nightlife where revellers come to wind down after work or the enjoy the pleasures of the weekend.

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